Mud Games

A magnificent way to spend the day, getting muddy!

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Friday July 27 & Saturday July 28, 2018

Obstacle Course:   Think you’re tough?  Think you’re strong?  Think you can defeat Country Fan Fest’s Obstacle Course?

For the first time ever, we are bringing to our festival guests, our very own Obstacle Course.  We will have tires to hop through, walls to climb over, wire to climb under, nets, ropes, balances, and of course loads of good, old fashioned mud!

Located at the CFF Obstacle Course, east of the campground.  Obstacle course will be open 10AM-2PM Friday and Saturday.  The obstacle course will have several volunteers throughout the course, to assist you if needed.  Volunteers will be handing out Fan Cash and Winners Cards to those guests that are participating full out!  Watch for them for your chance to win!

This is a dirty, muddy, exciting, super fun, and challenging obstacle course.  Getting muddy is almost a requirement.  Do not use campground showers.  You will not be allowed to enter the showers, if you are covered in mud.  Firetrucks will be onsite to spray the mud off you.

Watch for signs at each obstacle to explain what you need to do.  If you have any questions, flag down a volunteer for instructions or questions.

This is a fun for everyone activity.  If you have little ones, you can modify each obstacle to suit them.

Country Fan Fest Obstacle Course is untimed.  It is all about having fun…And getting MUDDY!  There are no winners or losers.

Sign up early or sign up the morning of. Sign-up sheets below.

Sunday July 30, 2017

Mud Bog Motor Race: If the mud ain’t flyin, you ain’t tryin!

Mud bog motor race will be held on Sunday July 30, 2017. Located in the mud pits, the southeast corner of the campground complex.

Registration Begins at 7:00AM. Races start at 10:00 AM and will run until Dusk.

Please sign up prior to the event, for review of your entry and equipment. Signup sheets below.


Please sign up prior to the event, for review of your entry and equipment. Sign up here: Mud Bog Sign Up Form

Mud Race Rulebook

**For all mud games a waiver of liability must be signed prior to participation. Every participant must have their own signed waiver of liability. Participates age 18 and under, must have a parent/guardian sign their waiver of liability.

Activities Sign Up Sheet

Click to Download Required Waiver of Liability

*Schedules, times, and events, subject to change without notice